Remember a Visitor's Language Selection

Some users prefer to read the blog only in their language (Language B) and that language may not be Hyvor's primary language (Language A).

However, even if a user selects Language B on a previous visit, when that user later visits the blog, they still see it in Language A. Maybe they can be somehow redirected to that post in Language B?

The request:

  1. If a user selects a language via the language picker (on any page), set an attribute in localStorage (or a 1st-party cookie?) that this language is their new preferred language.

  2. Then, upon revisiting the blog in the 'wrong' language, either auto-redirect that user to their preferred language OR insert a banner at the top asking if they'd like to switch languages (as the language switcher is at the bottom and / or they may not realize this post is available in their language, too).

  3. Some logic may be required if that page has a language pair ready.

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