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September 4th 2023

πŸ” SEO Analysis

πŸ”— Link Analysis

πŸ€– GPT Integration

πŸ–ŒοΈ Google Fonts, Locally

πŸ“ Tables Support

πŸŒ„ Improved Image Selector

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July 5th 2023

You can now set a separate icon for your blog at Console -> Settings -> General. This will be used as the favicon, which is shown in the browser tab.

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July 5th 2023

Hyvor Blogs now automatically adds anchors to headings that have IDs.

When the heading has an ID:

The heading will have an anchor for that ID.

The HTML structure looks like this:

<h2 id="linux"><a href="#linux">Linux</a></h2>

You can disable this feature at Console -> Settings -> Post Content

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July 5th 2023

You can now import posts from any blog using a sitemap. All you have to do is to submit a sitemap and provide some CSS selectors to help the importer find content and metadata. Then, test and import!

Check the documentation:

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June 23rd 2023

Big news! You can now use Hyvor Talk for comments on your blog for FREE, if you are already paying for Hyvor Blogs. Go to Console -> Integrations -> Hyvor Talk to connect Hyvor Talk to your blog.

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June 21st 2023

We have added RTL support to Hyvor Blogs.

When creating languages, you can select RTL direction now.

The console has also been updated to support RTL writing.

All official themes have been updated to support RTL. You will have to update your theme to the latest version, or manually add changes to your theme files (See our repo for changes).

Let us know your feedback!

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June 13th 2023

Starting from the 13th of June, our Shopify app will no longer be using iframe embedding to display your blog. The reason for this change is that using iframes affects SEO negatively. While Google can index iframes, most other search engines cannot index iframe content correctly. Additionally, having an iframe on the page also affects page loading speed and end-user experience.

Therefore, we have decided to no longer use "embed" the blog in your Shopify shop and directly display the blog at /a/blog path of your shop.

Before this change, your blog had your Shop's header and footer:

However, after this change, you will not see your Shop's header and footer:

However, you can edit your blog theme to create a header similar to your Shop's header.

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May 10th 2023


We have added two image optimizations:

Automatic WebP Images

Uploaded PNG and JPEG images are now automatically served in WebP format. WebP is a modern image format with 20-30% better compression without quality reduction. WebP is supported by all modern browsers.

Due to image caching, this may not affect images uploaded before today.

Responsive Images

Responsive images are now implemented via the srcset attribute. This feature can increase loading times significantly for small screen readers. We will automatically resize images - you have nothing to do!

Learn more on our documentation:

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May 6th 2023


It is no fun having to edit a YAML file just to change color.

Today we are introducing theme config definitions - config.def.yaml, a file to describe theme configuration options. It helps us display an easy-to-use user interface to edit theme configurations instead of a boring YAML file. This file is created by our theme developers.



All our official themes have been updated with the new config.def.yaml files. We have also copied config.def.yaml to all the blogs created before today when possible.

You can also check the themes repository for the config.def.yaml file for your theme.

If you are a theme developer, you can use our Config Tool to create a config.def.yaml file.

Happy blogging!

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April 30th 2023


In the beta period, we experimented with multiple pricing strategies, including a one-time activation fee. Today, we have decided on pricing plans for Hyvor Blogs.

Starter - $9/month - 2 users

Growth - $19/month - 5 users (auto translations included)

See pricing for more plans.

All blogs created before today are upgraded to the starter plan for free.

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