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Remember a Visitor's Language Selection

Some users prefer to read the blog only in their language (Language B) and that language may not be Hyvor's primary language (Language A).However, even if a user selects Language B on a previous visit, when that user later visits the blog, they still see it in Language A. Maybe they can be somehow redirected to that post in Language B?The request:If a user selects a language via the language picker (on any page), set an attribute in localStorage (or a 1st-party cookie?) that this language is their new preferred language.Then, upon revisiting the blog in the 'wrong' language, either auto-redirect that user to their preferred language OR insert a banner at the top asking if they'd like to switch languages (as the language switcher is at the bottom and / or they may not realize this post is available in their language, too).Some logic may be required if that page has a language pair ready.

amytg 9 months ago


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Table of Contents, + header anchor links

This may be a theme-by-theme feature, but a table of contents is sometimes handy for users wanting to get an overview of longer posts or pages. It could automatically capture headings β†’ turn them into anchor links which are subsequently inside a sticky list on the right or left or top of the page. On mobile, sometimes this is added to a small, collapsed menu.A separate, but related feature is to make headings clickable anchor links so that users who want to share the URL to a specific heading can just click the heading + copy the URL (or right-click a heading and copy that URL). An example of both features: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSSIf you click any of the H2 headings, such as Reference, they'll change the site URL to that (e.g,. an ID is set and the text is a link to its own ID). Also, on the right side, we have a sticky table of contents with large clickable headings + highlighting when in view.

amytg 9 months ago


πŸ™ Feature Requests